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What are the most popular dog grooming services in Niles, MI?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Dog grooming services are essential for maintaining the hygiene and health of your furry companion. Perfect Paws Mobile Grooming Niles, MI, has several options for dog grooming services, and each of them offers different services to cater to your pet's needs. Here are the most popular dog grooming services in Niles, MI:

1. Bath and Brush: This is the most basic grooming service and is essential for every pet. It includes a bath, blow-dry, brushing, and nail trimming.

2. Haircut: A haircut is essential to keep your dog's fur in good shape, especially during the summer months when the heat can be unbearable. It includes trimming the fur, removing matting and knots, and styling the fur.

3. Teeth Cleaning: Dental hygiene is essential for your dog's overall well-being. Teeth cleaning services include brushing, scaling, and polishing your dog's teeth.

4. De-shedding Treatment: If your dog has a thick coat or sheds a lot, a de-shedding treatment can help reduce shedding and keep their coat in good condition.

5. Ear Cleaning: Regular ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections and other ear-related problems. Ear cleaning services include removing dirt and debris from your dog's ears.

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